It is said that everything has its own cycle, everything changes, and everything stops at some point to take a new direction. This is an incredibly accurate description of the life of Christian Delpech, who has evolved from a successful bartender to become an international icon in the world of flair bartending.

    Over the course of his career, in addition to his accomplishments on the competition stage, Christian Delpech has essentially created his own brand with cutting edge training videos, interactive seminars, innovative training programs and customized bar products. The name and brand of Christian Delpech have become world class symbols for all aspects of flair bartending. However, the dynamic of this brand also demanded something Christian prided himself with: constant renewal.

    But instead of just a new logo, Christian set his sights on something more to better meet the needs of the next generation of flair bartenders. Between social media, online video and globally networked associations, bartenders today are looking for more information and content than ever before. As a result, a fresher, more modern and advanced Christian Delpech brand has just reborn: enjoy the new Delpech experience!